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Education Lawyers, part of Langley Wellington LLP Solicitors

Education Lawyers is the dedicated Education Law Department of Langley Wellington LLP Solicitors, who have for many years been providing legal advice on Special Educational Needs Law and representation to families throughout England and Wales.  The Team is highly experienced and skilled in providing legal advice and practical solutions for education issues and successfully get children with Special Educational Needs the support, provision and school they are entitled to with real positive results.  

What we do

Education Lawyers only represent parents with children and young people with special educational needs.  Unlike some SEND Solicitors, we do not work for Local Authorities so you can have absolute confidence in us being on your side. 

Because Education Lawyers only deal with cases in this highly specialist area of law, clients can be sure about our knowledge and application of the law and its associated regulations.  We have helped thousands of parents with their child’s education. 

If your child has Special Educational Needs, the law is there to ensure they are supported. We know this process can be extremely stressful. Even if the process goes relatively smoothly, it can be lengthy and time-consuming. Additionally, it doesn’t happen in a vacuum; you are also parenting your child and their siblings. You may also have a full or part-time paid job as well, which means you have even less time available to navigate the special educational needs process. 

Parents shouldn’t have to become experts in SEND and Equalities law, but this is what many have had to do to secure the right help for their child. But when time is not on your side, we can help by taking the struggle off your hands, providing you with the legal expertise you need. 

We can represent your interests in the following circumstances: 

  • Refusal to carry out an Education, Health and Care Assessment
  • Refusal to make an Education, Health and Care Plan (also known as an EHC Plan or EHCP) 
  • You are not happy with the contents of the EHC Plan that the Local Authority has issued for your child
  • You would like us to check through your child’s draft EHCP and advise on amendments to ensure it meets needs and is legally compliant
  • The EHCP following your child’s Annual Review is unsatisfactory or the review has not taken place in a timely manner
  • The provision stated in your child’s Education, Health and Care Plan are not be carried out (Judicial Review) 
  • You are seeking a Judicial Review against decision-making or procedures by the Local Authority in education matters 
  • Your child has experienced Disability Discrimination in Education 
  • Your child has been excluded 
  • You want to complain to the Local Government Ombudsman about how the Local Authority has handled your complaints about your child’s education 
  • You need help to find the right educational placement for your child. 

Education Lawyers are well known for negotiating successfully with local authorities and achieving real positive results, meaning you may not end up having to go to a Tribunal hearing at all. 

What our clients say

"We would not look anywhere else for legal support with her education needs. I met Rukhsana whilst looking at potential school placements, and was immediately struck by her warmth and understanding, as well as her incisive mind and clear experience in these matters. I cannot recommend them highly enough."
Maria Lobb

"It’s a lovely feeling knowing that Adam is safe and secure in the right school. We got there. Huge relief and great joy at the successful outcome…! Langley Wellington Education Lawyers have been a safe pair of hands on a long and difficult journey."
Mr and Mrs W, Surrey

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