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Essex Fresh Start Independent School (EFS)

1 Wellesley Road, Clacton, CO15 3PP, Essex

01255 225204



Essex Fresh Start Independent School (EFS)
School type Coeducational Day
Founded 2007
Special Needs ASD, AUT, BESD, EBD, SEMH, SpeechLD
Head Teacher Cheryl Rutter
Date Appointed 2007
Co-ed Age Range 7-19 years

Essex Fresh Start (EFS) is a TCES Group school, providing LA funded day-school education for pupils aged 7-19 years whose Social, Emotional or Mental Health (SEMH) needs or Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC), plus complex co-morbid needs has made it difficult for them to achieve success in a mainstream school. Pupils often have undiagnosed speech, language and communication needs, sensory or learning difficulties, which can create barriers to learning that are addressed before the pupil can settle into education.

Our integrated approach to education, health and care, takes each pupil on an individual journey that encourages a love of learning. We provide a well-structured routine in a safe, calm and happy environment which promotes tolerance and respect throughout our school community. We nurture ambition and work with each child to provide them with the life skills, accreditation and certification needed to achieve future careers.

Pupils are taught in groups of up to six to ensure each individual receives an intensive level of support, with a Teacher and TA as minimum. TCES Group's Inclusion Model is embedded at EFS, delivered by the Inclusion Manager and Pastoral Care Co-ordinator: tutor support, key work, group process, nurture groups and leadership skills are part of the core offer.

The school delivers TCES Group's 5 Part Curriculum, which includes access to support from the Clinical and Therapy Team on an as-needs basis. Individualised therapy programmes are delivered by our in-house team and access to Clinical Psychology and a Paediatrician at Consultant level can be arranged for pupils whose needs require further investigation.

Pupils attending EFS often need highly personalised learning programmes and can remain for Post-16 programmes of study, specialising in developing independence, preparation for adult life and life after school.

We nurture each child's ambitions by accrediting them with as many achievements as possible to help them make positive choices for their future careers. As a result, 80% of our leavers happily go straight into work, education or training.

A parallel service to our schools, TCES Group's Create Service offers therapeutic education, delivered through a case co-ordination model, to pupils who present (or are at) significant risk to themselves or others, and who cannot be educated in a school setting.

To find out more about the school and its facilities please come and visit us! In the first instance please contact us on referrals@tces.org.uk or 020 8543 7878.