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Hillcrest Slinfold School

Stane Street, Slinfold, Horsham, RH13 0QX, West Sussex

01403 790939



Hillcrest Slinfold School
School type Day & Residential
Headteacher Mr John Stacey
Boys Age Range 11-16 years
Number of pupils 20
Associations Hillcrest Childrens Services

Hillcrest Slinfold School provides education, therapy, welfare and support for children and young people aged from 11 to 16 years who have social, emotional and mental health needs as well as other complex learning needs often associated with autistic spectrum conditions and ADHD.

A stable and caring environment combined with high staff to student ratios, ensures that every student at Slinfold School has the opportunity to develop their abilities, share new experiences and be supported in realising their future potential.

Students may come from foster placements or from local families that need specialist provision and many of our students reside in one of the local residential homes offered by Hillcrest Children's Services.

Slinfold School believes 'education' should be a positive and enjoyable experience where students are proud of their achievements and strive to do well.

The level of support and intervention a child receives is based upon their level of need. Work is carefully differentiated in order to meet the individual needs of students and regular assessment ensures continuity and progression.

Each student has individually tailored positive expectations for achievement. This ensures they are challenged appropriately and experience success frequently.

"Across the school, staff build warm, trusting and caring relationships with pupils that enable them to participate in lessons successfully." (Ofsted)

Hillcrest Slinfold School aims to create a centre of excellence for the education, care and personal development of the young people that we support.

Our students may have experienced failure in education and trauma in their personal lives, often resulting in low self-esteem. Our challenge is to support these young people to achieve their academic and personal potential and help to equip them with the skills they need to enjoy life.

All our students learn to experience success and develop strategies to deal with any difficulties that they may encounter. We aim to support our students to develop self-confidence and self-esteem.