Kisimul School (Swinderby Lower School)

Co-educational Independent Residential Special School

The Old Vicarage, 61 High Street, Swinderby, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, LN6 9LU

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Toni Woods

Age Range

8 – 19 years

Total Pupils


Special Needs


Located in Swinderby, a small village between Lincoln and Newark, Kisimul School Lincolnshire (Swinderby Lower School) offers full-time education programmes for up to 38 weeks of the year and is registered with the Department of education as an independent special school. We are a provision for children and young people with autism, learning disabilities and complex needs, including behaviours of concern, from age 8-19 While the majority of our young people reside in our associated children's homes, we are also able to offer day and weekly boarding placements.

Our approach

Our school is committed to non-aversive approaches to supporting behaviour. Young people generally respond well to the structured environment of the school and the routines and visual clues they are set. All management programmes and care plans are formulated in conjunction with parents and professionals, using an evidence-based approach and utilising the multi-disciplinary teams' combined expertise. Staff are also trained to manage behaviours of concern, as part of their induction and as ongoing training, with regular and cyclical refreshers in place. Our training system is accredited by BILD (the British Institute of Learning Disabilities) and is in line with Department of Health and Department of Education guidelines.

Education & Activities

We have a personalised approach to teaching our curriculum, which is a semi-formal outline based on five main areas of learning and thematic approaches, rather than subject specific. Our focus is on functional learning skills that can be generalised and maintained across contexts and applied in real life. Our young people are supported by personalised learning intentions, and our assessment systems use evidence from all aspects of the waking day. This ensures we are utilising education, therapy and care evidence as well as parent and professional feedback.

The school encourage access to the local community to support learning. Our staff teams ensure that each young person joins some form of community activity each week. Such activities may include using the local swimming pool, shopping visits, bus and train rides, walks, horse riding and outdoor education activities such as sailing . Recently this has also included residential expeditions as part of our Duke of Edinburgh accreditation.


We have a suite of modern, air-conditioned classrooms, with natural light in abundance and modern technology within every learning room. There is a library, sensory integration area and rooms allocated for our therapy teams to support the curriculum offer.

The site also accommodates a large sports hall, with indoor heated swimming pool, and extensive play and leisure facilities in the grounds. This enables us to incorporate elements of sensory regulation programmes more effectively as part of the weekly curriculum offer.

The main school building contains soft play areas and immersive learning rooms. Rooms. This allows for individual and small group work focusing on interaction and exploration, and developing reciprocal communication and engagement using interactive floors and wall projections and other switch activated sensory items.

Our mission

Kisimul School's mission is to continuously strive for excellence in the care and education of its students, with a vision to have the best assisted living environment. The school provides a caring, consistent, safe and supportive environment in which its young people can flourish and develop their skills, in order to fully realise their potential.

We work closely with the parents, carers and professionals from our placing authorities to ensure the highest possible standards of care and education. Kisimul School is committed to the view that all people are entitled to equality of opportunity regardless of ability, disability, sex, age, status, religion, belief, nationality, ethnic origins or sexual orientation.

For further information, including exciting job opportunities within Kisimul School, please visit our website at or contact us at the address above.

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