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Mary Hare Secondary School

Arlington Manor, Snelsmore Common, Newbury, RG14 3BQ, West Berkshire

01635 244200



Mary Hare Secondary School
School type Coeducational Boarding & Day
Founded 1946
Special Needs Deaf, Hlmp
Principal Mr Peter Gale
Co-ed Age Range 11-19
Number of pupils 220
Associations NMSSD

Mary Hare is a school for deaf children taking children from Year 1 through to Year 13. We are the largest school for the deaf in the UK and take children from over 90 Local Authorities. We support pupils with a range of additional needs over and above their deafness. We offer boarding and day places.

We use the oral communication method so no use of BSL in the classroom. The use of English is really important and pupils thrive on learning to use their voice. Pupils will have the chance to sign in their social time if they wish.

We offer the full national curriculum with a focus on improving language skills which helps pupils to achieve better grades.

We offer small class sizes in acoustically treated classrooms. Teachers are subject specialists as well as trained Teachers of the Deaf. We have a full team of Speech and Language Therapists working with pupils on a one to one basis as well as in small groups. In addition, we have our own Audiology department on site.

For many pupils, joining Mary Hare means the opportunity to join a community with a large deaf peer group, lots of friends and the chance to feel 'the same' as everyone else. Confidence, self-esteem and having high aspirations are many of the things that we give our pupils.

To apply for a place, we offer every child an assessment of between three and five days depending on age. If we offer a place and you accept then you will need to approach your Local Authority for funding. Around 50% of places are funded from the start. Mary Hare will support you through the funding process.

To arrange a visit or assessment please book via our website, www.maryhare.org.uk/admissions.