Purbeck View School

Co-educational Residential Preparatory, Senior & Sixth Form

Head of School

Paul Kniveton

Age Range

7 – 19 years

Total Pupils


Special Needs


Purbeck View School is a 38 and 52-week mixed-gender residential school, welcoming students aged 7-19 years old with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. We can also support co-existing conditions of Autism, learning difficulties and complex needs. Day provision is available for students who live close by.

Purbeck View School is located in Swanage in the South of England. Based in the beautiful Purbecks, the school has a stunning view of the sea and easy access to the beach and nature.

The School creates a very nurturing environment; every student has their own room, many with en-suite facilities and the accommodation is very homely, warm and inviting. We have nine homes within our School, each with a distinctive identity. Each home benefits from a communal lounge; bathrooms and most have small kitchen areas.

In line with the 1988 Education Act and S162A Regulations for Independent Schools we aim to offer a curriculum within full-time education which is broad, balanced, relevant and realistic. For our students a relevant and realistic curriculum must have communication, social interaction and sensory processing as primary considerations. The Purbeck View School curriculum has the diverse and challenging nature of our students at its centre.

We have a flexible approach to learning, personalising the curriculum and teaching groups to meet students' individual learning needs and abilities. Our curriculum supports our young people at whatever skill level they require, and follows their individualised progress.

We offer access to the National Curriculum using modified or differentiated programmes of study, where appropriate. In addition, we provide vocational training and further education opportunities. Drawing upon our proven expertise in specialist education and 24-hour care, we focus on the development of personal, social, communication and living skills. A multi-disciplinary team and high staff ratios ensure intensive individual support.

Cambian Purbeck View School offers a small, supportive environment consisting of small class groups, creating a supportive and relaxing environment where students can learn and achieve their personal best. Each student can increase in confidence and build self-esteem through the progressive achievement of realistic individual goals and targets.

Learning doesn't stop when education ends - teaching staff work closely with care staff to ensure that our young people have access to various opportunities. The young people take part in educational activities on site and in our local community. We work with a number of organisations to facilitate work experience and vocational opportunities. Where appropriate we work in partnership with our local colleges to offer access to more specialist courses.

Purbeck View School exists to deliver care and education through a waking day curriculum. We aim to provide a friendly, co-ordinated and stress-free environment where each student has the emotional and physical space to learn, grow, develop and achieve their personal best, both academically and socially.

Admission can take place at any time during the year.