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The Pace Centre

Coventon Road, Aylesbury, HP19 9JL, Buckinghamshire

01296 392739



The Pace Centre
School type Independent Special School
Founded 1990
Special Needs CLD, CP, DYSP, Hlmp, LD, MLD, MSI, PhysD, PNI, SCLD, SLD, SpeechLD, VIS
Head Teacher Mrs Claire Smart
Date Appointed September 2016
Co-ed Age Range 3-16
Fees Available on request

Pace is a family centred school that specialises in educating children with Cerebral Palsy and related disorders. Pace provides an innovative education tailored to the child or young person's individual abilities that is centred around pertinent and personalised academic and functional goals. Due to the complex nature of many Pace children and young people, Pace also has an onsite nursing team.

Our unique Pace approach brings together input from paediatric occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, conductive educationalists and teachers. This breadth of expertise means the "whole child" remains at the centre of their education. At Pace we believe in every child's ability to achieve and progress, and it is our job to ensure that the children and young people at Pace have the right skills to do just that.

A bespoke curriculum is developed for each individual, at a 'just right level' to ensure they are challenged and make progress functionally and academically. The Pace Integrated Curriculum is broad, deep and rich, and the range of methodology in the Pace toolkit for delivery adds real value to the individual learning experience. This is evident in the children's progress both academically and in relation to social, physical, communication, and functional independence skills.

Pace School is a positive and nurturing environment that empowers pupils to demonstrate knowledge, access and engage in their education, however they communicate. We celebrate success with the children, their class and with you. We use recognised achievement as a powerful motivational tool, further empowering the individual learner in their personal journey towards achieving their goals.

Early Years Foundation Stage

We offer an Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) provision for children aged 2-5 where early therapeutic intervention is combined with the EYFS Curriculum, to provide a unique approach for EYFS children with sensory motor challenges. Focusing on the development of fundamental skills the children need to access and engage with their education in this critical early window of development.

Primary School

Our school groups cater for a range of both physical and cognitive abilities from very complex challenges relating to their sensory motor challenges, to children who have mild to moderate physical difficulties. Pace caters for children and young people with a full range of learning abilities, ranging from a pre-formal level for those with learning difficulties to those individuals who are accessing the curriculum at or near an age appropriate level.

Secondary School

In Key Stages three and four, the integrated curriculum focus shifts to prioritise functional and life skills to help prepare these young people for their future lives as adults in the community. Regular opportunities to develop and apply their problem solving and academic skills are offered throughout the week, for example through purposeful trips to the supermarket followed by cooking activities, which have been carefully planned to work on gross/fine motor and mathematical skills.

When asked in a recent survey, 100% of Pace parents who took part reported that they would recommend Pace to other parents. One said "Yes - wholeheartedly, without question. Without a doubt. We love you all. G loves you all and feels safe & happy at school. We feel G is pushed to his full potential and encouraged to achieve above and beyond."

If you would like to organise a tour of Pace Primary or Secondary or would like to speak to one our team, please call 01269 392739 or visit thepacecentre.org/pace-school.