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Our Special Educational Needs (SEN) Team at Boyes Turner are in high demand across the country for their niche ability to conduct a case from beginning to end including representation at the hearing. The team have been helping children and young adults with learning disabilities get the extra help and support they need for over ten years. Armed with such vast successful experience of handling complex cases, plus close ties to relevant professional bodies, their expert advice is balanced with care, passion and empathy.

Getting an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) or Individual Development Plan (IDP) for your child is not a quick process or indeed a straightforward one. It involves following a specific set of legal procedures and tests and putting together evidence from educational, medical, social care and other professionals to develop a picture of your child and the help they require. This can be an emotionally draining process.

‘Laxmi Patel and her team didn’t let us down. Laxmi was so important in helping our family. She was a rock in a stormy sea.’

‘Laxmi Patel and the team offer an exceptional service in appealing Education Health and Care Plans. The team provide a compassionate yet commercial offering and provide Deputies with the clarity and understanding of what is needed both in respect of why any appeal is in the client’s best interest, but also a clear explanation of the likely costs and benefits.’

‘Boyes Turner’s team is made up of passionate professionals who are empathetic, highly skilled and knowledgeable with regard to Education and SEN Law. The solicitors are extremely experienced in their field and work efficiently and effectively to support their clients through what often is a highly emotional and difficult time.’

(Chambers 2022, UK wide)

Our team can offer as much or as little assistance as required. We can:

  • discuss what needs to be done before a request for an EHC needs assessment or additional learning needs assessment is made
  • advise ahead of and attend annual reviews and mediation
  • take over dealings with the local authority entirely, including challenges to the local authority's decision by appealing to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal (SENDIST) or The Education Tribunal for Wales where we can provide full representation. This includes:
    • appeal against a refusal to carry out a statutory assessment or issue an EHCP or IDP
    • appeal against the contents of an EHCP or IDP, including specialist provision and the named placement
    • appeal a decision to cease to maintain an EHCP or IDP

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