BeyondAutism Park House School

Independent Special School

48 North Side Wandsworth Common, London, SW18 2SL

Head of School

Matt Le Blanc

Age Range

4 – 11 years

Total Pupils


Special Needs


Park House School is an independent special school for pupils with autism aged 4 to 11, rated Outstanding by Ofsted.

Our fundamental belief is that every child has the potential to succeed and make a unique and significant contribution to society. We have taken the time to understand what this really means for the pupils and families that make up our school community and we use this knowledge to deliver a functional and creative curriculum; that promotes independence, total communication, love of learning and inspiring relationships.

Each of our pupils is provided with a truly personalised curriculum and supported by dedicated and passionate staff committed to behaviour analysis.

We believe in open door classrooms and work in close partnership with parents/carers and the wider community to ensure the success of our pupils. We welcome visits and collaborative working to ensure the best possible impact and to deliver meaningful outcomes.

All staff at Park House School are committed to the development of pupil safety and well-being and this is at the heart of all work that we do.

Our teaching

Using behaviour analysis and guided by the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis and Verbal Behaviour, our teaching focuses on language development, particularly functional communication. We aim to develop learning, independent living skills and personal, social and emotional development. Our multidisciplinary team including Behaviour Analysts, Teachers, Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists ensure a well-rounded and relevant curriculum for all our pupils.

Working towards outcomes in a pupil's Education, Health and Care Plan, each learner is given a personalised Individual Education Programme which breaks down skills into achievable goals. Pupils are supported by Teaching and Learning Practitioners whilst also attending group sessions which focus on academic skills.

We have a total communication approach and work with our learners to find the method of communication that is most effective for them. This may include speech, Makaton, picture exchange, Alternative Augmentative Communication or a combination of different approaches.

"Leaders and governors ensure that the curriculum is bespoke to meet each pupil's needs. All staff, including therapists and tutors, work extremely well together to make sure that each pupil is supported to achieve the next steps in their learning and development." Ofsted 2018

About BeyondAutism

Park House School is a service run by the charity BeyondAutism. BeyondAutism is a charity with a vision that every child and young adults with autism accesses an education which enables a life full of choice, independence and opportunity. Through education and developing skills we empower learners, whilst also influencing attitudes, resources and institutions more broadly in society.

To find out more about BeyondAutism please visit our website: