BeyondAutism Post-19

Independent Special School

The Hub St Albans, 2 Margravine Road, Barons Court, London, W6 8HJ

Head of Post-19

Elizabeth Robinson

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BeyondAutism is an educational provision for young adults with autism aged 19-25.

We want to see our students prepared for adulthood with a skill set that enables them to have choice over where and how they live, what they do and with whom.

We believe that adults with autism should; have a voice; be involved in decision making and be able to contribute to society as active citizens. Our students all have a personalised curriculum and follow a programme of study that best prepares them for adulthood, focusing on the skills required for independent or supported living, training and employment, health and wellbeing and community participation.

Teaching communication skills is a fundamental part of our students' learning. Communication enables our students to have choice and control over their lives, as well as being able to share their feelings, thoughts and desires.

All of these elements are brought together into a curriculum model that allows students to follow their chosen pathway in preparation them for adulthood. This is focused around the creation of an 'ideal week' designed to meet the interests and aspirations of each individual.

By providing just enough support we are preparing our students for their lives after education.

We currently have three Post-19 hubs located in Hammersmith and Wandsworth.

Our teaching

Using behaviour analysis and guided by the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis and Verbal Behaviour, our teaching focuses on language development, particularly functional communication. We aim to develop learning, independent living skills and personal, social and emotional development. Our multidisciplinary team including Behaviour Analysts, Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists ensure a well-rounded and relevant curriculum for all our students.

Students are supported by a Teaching and Learning Mentor. Working towards outcomes in a student's Education, Health and Care Plan, each learner is given a personalised Individual Education Programme which breaks down skills into achievable goals. Our unique curriculum model integrates community with class-based learning. Learners are encouraged to access the community as much as possible to develop the skills they learn in the classroom.

We have a total communication approach and work with our learners to find the method of communication that is most effective for them. This may include speech, Makaton, picture exchange, Alternative Augmentative Communication or a combination of different approaches.

About BeyondAutism

Post-19 is a service run by the charity BeyondAutism. BeyondAutism is a charity with a vision that every child and young adult with autism accesses an education which enables a life full of choice, independence and opportunity. Through education and developing skills we empower learners, whilst also influencing attitudes, resources and institutions more broadly in society.

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