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Cambian Dilston College

Dilston Hall, Corbridge, NE45 5RJ, Northumberland

01434 632692



Cambian Dilston College
School type Co-educational Day & Residential
Founded 1971
Special Needs ASD, LD, SCD
Head of School Zahida Hammond
Co-ed Age Range 16-25 years
Number of pupils 60

Cambian Dilston College is an independent specialist College providing a high standard of education and care for students 16-25 with moderate to severe learning difficulties. Offering the possibility of day placements for local students and residential care for up to 52-weeks, they successfully support students with a broad range of complex needs including medical requirements and challenging behaviour.

Using specialist person-centered approaches, Dilston College provides individualised learning programmes that are developed to effectively match student’s needs, personal decisions and aspirations, be the focus on daily living skills, gaining employment or independent living. Our students achieve important life skills and meaningful qualifications, enabling increased choice, control and independence.

Utilising their unique on-site learning, leisure and residential facilities, all students are given the opportunity to participate in a full and extended curriculum promoting, supporting and challenging them to make progress and accomplish their fullest potential.

Located in Northumberland, Dilston College is surrounded by 9 acres of grounds, which provide not only a unique teaching setting but also the back drop to providing a gentle, caring, therapeutic environment for students to enjoy, relax and develop within. Our key areas include a forest school base within the woods, acres of horticultural grounds and a football pitch. They ensure that everyone can enjoy the outdoors whatever their mobility or energy level, with outdoor gym, paths and roadways and seating areas throughout the grounds.

Accommodation is situated around both the main building and in cottages within the grounds - they are furnished and well-decorated and provides students the opportunity to experience living away from home and developing their skills for independence such as cooking, shopping, doing laundry, supported travel training and community awareness. Gaining these skills enhances their experience of moving into Supported or Independent Living if they choose this as a future option.

Not only does Dilston College have an amazing outdoor environment, they also have a variety of animals on site for students to be involved in taking care of and help demonstrate and teach responsible pet ownership and husbandry. Billy & Archie are two Bagot Goats who enjoy being fed by the students, as well as their neighbours, a small flock of Soay Sheep. Numeracy and literacy are incorporated into the care of chickens including the collection of eggs which can then be used back in the student's accommodations. The students also have the ability to participate in training Tansy the Support Dog, which enables student's to practice communication skills, co-ordination and giving instructions and commands. Tansy also acts as a form of therapy for students as part of walks for to fulfil sensory needs.

Dilston College's range of multi-disciplinary therapies, from Speech & Language Therapy to Occupational Therapy is delivered by a highly skilled and passionate team who work together to provide a holistic care environment, encouraging students to develop and pursue their interests while providing the support they need to achieve their personal best.