Castlefell School

Co-educational Day Preparatory & Senior


Ms Wendy Yeo

Age Range

8 – 16 years

Special Needs


Castlefell School is an independent specialist day school providing high-quality education. Based in Rudgeway, the school meets the needs of a diverse group of pupils with a range of complex learning needs, Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) difficulties and co-existing ADHD, speech, language and communication difficulties and attachment disorders.

We are dedicated to providing a:

  • A broad and balanced curriculum designed to ensure pupils can take their desired next step with support for the development of a happy and fulfilled life.

  • Encouragement and support with a focus on long-term goals by putting in place the smaller steps that lead to success and achievement, enabling pupils to become independent and equipped with the skills and qualities to make a positive contribution to society.

  • The highest quality outcomes socially, emotionally and academically through a wide range of personalised opportunities.

Our dedicated staff will spend time finding out what your child enjoys and what they are interested in, so that their interests are integrated in their learning experience. This along with other needs feature in their Individual Care and Education Plans, which sets targets to address areas for development. Following your child starting you will be involved in discussions about their education on a regular basis. For example, through daily home-school diaries, Post Admission Review, Annual Reviews and in the writing of Individual Education Plans. Any pupil who exhibits social, emotional, psychological or behavioural difficulties is provided with support, where necessary, from the teaching and support staff and from our Pastoral Care Team, who are dedicated to ensuring that our pupils feel safe, settled, calm and ready to learn.

We provide young people with unrivalled levels of therapeutic support, both in terms of the expertise and experience of our in-school staff and the wide range of therapies offered. Our extensive Clinical Team offers our young people within our school a truly personalised and comprehensive package of therapeutic support.

  • We will ensure that every young person develops resilience and releases their potential by providing the appropriate clinical support for their social, emotional and mental health needs.

  • We will support a young person to develop their competencies and abilities to help them become a capable young adult.

  • We will completely integrate the delivery of therapeutic support.

  • We will operate a direct delivery model of therapy offering universal services targeted to the needs of individual children and young people.

To raise the aspirations of our young people, our Futures Team has created a unique way to completely support every young person into the future they deserve. We provide our young people with actual job opportunities and unrivalled levels of ongoing support to ensure that their first steps beyond education are successful ones that directly lead to employment. Our Futures Ambassadors Sessions bring employers to our schools, where they speak to young people about their journey to success, giving a real insight into experiences and the diverse opportunities that industries can offer.

To contact us out of term, please call 0800 304 7244