Compass Schools - Athelstan Park

Co-educational Day Preparatory & Senior


Ms Jennifer McMillan

Age Range

7 – 17 years

Total Pupils


Special Needs


At Athelstan Park, we believe that every pupil deserves a quality education - regardless of the barriers they may face in life. Our therapeutic approach to education places the needs of our pupils front and centre, ensuring they benefit from a holistic, accessible educational experience that guides their personal and academic development.

Holistic Education

Our ambitious yet balanced curriculum seeks to immerse our pupils in their education. We offer a broad range of subjects - including English, mathematics, science, computing, history, physical education and much more. Alongside this core learning, our pupils benefit from a wide variety of additional learning opportunities and experiences that bolster their personal growth and development, encouraging them to pursue their interests, develop talents and make lasting connections with their peers.

Bespoke Facilities

With clean, modern, and bright facilities finished to a high standard - Athelstan Park is designed specifically with children with additional educational needs in mind. Our range of classrooms can accommodate up to 18 pupils in total, ranging from larger open-plan rooms suitable for group work, to smaller breakaway rooms ideal for quiet study and one-on-one learning. With the help of our exceptional and highly trained team of staff, we can provide each pupil with the personalised support they need to engage with and succeed in their education.

Motivate, Educate, Inspire

Athelstan Park belongs to a well-respected family of Compass Community Schools based throughout the UK. At Compass, our mission is simple: providing outstanding education that inspires our young people and supports them in securing better outcomes.

We strive to deliver holistic educational experiences, developing young people who are responsible, caring, and respectful of others. Central to our ethos is the belief that every pupil can succeed with the right support. Our vision is to inspire our learners to make positive life choices, motivating them to overcome barriers to learning and make the most of their life chances.