Compass Schools - CCS Cheshire

Co-educational Day Senior

Cledford House, Cledford Lane, Middlewich, Cheshire, CW10 0JN

01606 537781


Ms Emma Colley

Age Range

11 – 17 years

Total Pupils


Special Needs


CCS Cheshire offers bespoke education for up to 12 pupils with a range of social, emotional, and mental health (SEMH) needs. As a specialist school, CCS Cheshire places our young people at the centre of every decision made - ensuring they benefit from wrap-around, tailored support that aids them in fulfilling their potential.

Holistic Education

At CCS Cheshire, we've sought out only the most passionate and driven teaching staff and professionals to work with our young people. We understand that our pupils come to us with various education and life experiences, some negative and some positive. That's why we've designed a curriculum with our pupil's needs in mind, encouraging our young people to engage with learning in a way that suits them.

Bespoke Facilities

As a smaller school, our staff-to-pupil ratio at CCS Cheshire ensures that all our pupils can benefit from holistic support throughout their educational journey, with one-on-one learning available where needed. Our school building and grounds are finished to a high standard throughout, offering our learners plenty of opportunities to develop their skills, discover new experiences and make the most of the opportunities available to them.

Motivate, Educate, Inspire

CCS Cheshire belongs to a well-respected family of Compass Community Schools based throughout the UK. At Compass, our mission is simple: providing outstanding education that inspires our young people and supports them in securing better outcomes.

We strive to deliver holistic educational experiences, developing young people who are responsible, caring, and respectful of others. Central to our ethos is the belief that every pupil can succeed with the right support. Our vision is to inspire our learners to make positive life choices, motivating them to overcome barriers to learning and make the most of their life chances.