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NAS Sybil Elgar School

Havelock Road, Southall, UB2 4NY, Middlesex

020 8813 9168



NAS Sybil Elgar School
School type Coeducational Day & Residential
Founded 1965
Special Needs ASD, ASP, AUT
Principal Chloe Phillips
Co-ed Age Range 4-22
Number of pupils 90
Average Class Size Max 8
Associations NAS

As the first autism-specific residential school in the world, Sybil Elgar School is a pioneer in autism education. Having paved the way in autism education for over 50 years, we have the knowledge and experience to apply the tailored education and care each young person who learns with us will receive.

We have a highly specialised curriculum, and our dedicated staff closely support the learning of each pupil in communication, social, behavioural, emotional, sensory, physical and self-help skills. Our extensive performing arts curriculum complements this. Students can discover a new passion or enhance learning in other subjects through music, art and dance. They might play the drums in the school band and even perform at an international arts festival.

Our welcoming environment extends across our three school sites, which include a post-16 department and our year-round children’s home, where all staff work together to ensure the safety, wellbeing and progress of all our students. We follow the principles of The National Autistic Society’s MyProgress® strategy to ensure each of our students has an experience with us that is truly personalised to them, their strengths, weaknesses and ambitions.

And we recognise every achievement, helping our students value their successes and celebrate them.

Placements are funded by your local authority.

“The curriculum is creative, innovative and progressive. Pupils love learning and make outstanding progress.”

Ofsted, 2018