SENAD Bladon House School

Co-educational Day & Residential

Newton Solney, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire, DE15 0TA

01283 246290

Head Teacher

Ms Shally Saleri-Palmer

Age Range

5 – 19 years

Special Needs


Bladon House School is an inspiring school for children and young people aged 5 to 19 years. We are at the forefront in our field of expertise of autism, communication disorders, moderate to severe learning difficulties and associated behavioural difficulties. Through our work we have also developed skills in achieving significant progress and successful outcomes for children and young people with Prader Willi Syndrome. As an independent special school we are registered and inspected by Ofsted and are able to offer flexible day and residential placements ranging from 38 to 52 weeks. Children and young people are placed with us from across the UK. We are also able to consider young people from overseas. We are able to offer a range of placement options including:

  • Day Placements

  • 52 weeks residential

  • Full residential care; our sites are registered children's homes

  • 38 week residential - Part time residential care

  • 39 to 51 week residential

We have an Inter-Disciplinary approach which ensures that individual needs are met and programmes developed to ensure that students are encouraged to attain to the very best of their ability.

We believe that every child has a right to live a fulfilling life and develop their full potential educationally, emotionally and physically through:

  • Establishing a safe and stable environment

  • Providing a firm foundation for ongoing social and educational progress

  • Ensuring consistency and continuity across both educational and residential areas

  • Individualising programmes to suit the child's needs and ensuring progression

  • Developing communication through an 'inclusive communication' approach

  • Self-evaluating progress on a continuous basis

Class sizes are small with between 5 and 8 students in each of the 9 classes, including 1 primary age class. Students are grouped according to their age and ability. Our curriculum offer is designed to meet the needs of modern British Society, providing: the language of learning through literacy; the means with which to order the world through maths; enquiry through science and the skills to participate in the world effectively through PSHE. Students follow individualised curriculum pathways with agreed outcomes and an emphasis on preparation for life after Bladon House School. The curriculum offer is rich. Alongside the core subjects there is the opportunity for all students to access: computing, cooking, PE, outdoor education, horticulture and land based studies. These are taught by subject specialist teachers and instructors. In addition, a range of activities are offered by external providers, both on and off-site including: music production, dance, graffiti art, adult craft classes. Art and drama therapy are also offered where appropriate. All accreditation is through AIM Awards. The Personal and Social Development qualification is achieved through completing components from a range of subjects of Maths, English, IT and PSHE, at Entry level 1 through to Level 1. All students entered last year achieved an Extended Award and are now working towards the Extended Certificate. Students accessing this pathway are also encouraged to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. Students with severe leaning difficulties in key stage 3 to 5 follow the EQUALS Semi formal curriculum. This is a non subject specific curriculum which aims to develop specific area of need for individual students through personalised Learning Intentions, closely linked to their Education, Health and Care plan outcomes.