SENAD Edgewood School

Co-educational Day & Residential Preparatory & Senior

Lingswood Park, Northampton, Northamptonshire, NN3 8TA

01604 931497

Head Teacher

Ms Sasha Lees

Age Range

7 – 16 years

Special Needs


Edgewood School in Northamptonshire works with children aged 7 to 16 years with autism, moderate to severe learning difficulties, speech, language and communication difficulties and associated behavioural difficulties.

At Edgewood School we offer a rich, varied, ambitious and carefully planned curriculum that prepares our pupils for the next steps in their lives. Each child's programme is individualised to meet their specific needs, enabling them to access learning and be successful in meeting their goals.

The school is purpose built with light, airy and flexible education spaces that are designed to meet the social, educational and sensory needs of the pupils. We are located adjacent to a large play area, skate park, football pitches and footpaths through woodland. In addition, we have enclosed outside spaces providing interesting and stimulating environments for the pupils to play and learn.

The school is situated in the heart of Lingswood Park, a suburb of Northampton, with great transport links to a wide range of amenities in the city as well as access to parks and countryside.

Each pupil follows a bespoke, aspirational learning journey according to their developmental stage. Individual learning intentions will be determined from the pupil's EHCP outcomes, and skilfully integrated and taught throughout their personalised timetable.

Using Equals semi-formal and formal curriculum frameworks, we will build on each pupil's prior knowledge and understanding, as well as raising their aspirations and confidence. We are ambitious for our young people and want them to achieve the highest possible degree of personal independence. We believe in preparing all of our pupils for a smooth transition into life after school, where we want them to live purposeful, fulfilling lives and be active participants in, and contributors to society.

Our curriculum plan provides a wide range of subjects, is ambitious, and encourages high levels of achievement and engagement. It is constantly evolving, responding to new needs, experiences and opportunities as they arise.

Pupils will work in a variety of groupings to help them to learn how to relate to others. They will also work in a variety of different settings both across school, and in the local area so that learned skills can be practised in real life situations.

Class groups will be small with high levels of staff support. Multi-disciplinary teams will work together to ensure the sensory, communication and educational needs are woven together in a way that helps pupils to engage and enjoy their learning.

Individual and group therapy sessions will take place within the classroom, within therapy rooms, outdoors or in the community throughout the school day, with communication and sensory-regulation at the heart of the programmes. Pupils will be assessed on entry to school to determine a baseline starting point. Each pupil's timetable will then be designed around their identified learning needs.

We assess progress in a number of ways and recognise that for our pupils' progress isn't always linear. Progress will be measured using M.A.P.P. (Mapping and assessing personal progress)/Assessment of Lateral Progress in four key areas and rated on a scale from 1 to 10 from an initial baseline:

  • Independence: from dependent to independent

  • Fluency: from approximate to accurate

  • Maintenance: from inconsistent to consistent

  • Generalisation: from single context to many contexts