TCES Create in the Community

Co-educational Day Senior & Sixth Form

3 Queen's Road, Barking, London, Essex, IG11 8GD

020 8543 7878

Executive Headteacher

Katrina Medley

Age Range

11 – 19 years

Special Needs


TCES - The Complete Education Solution - is a social enterprise providing Therapeutic Education to neurodiverse pupils at our five schools and services in and around London and nationally via TCES National Online School, supporting students who are often marginalised and fall through the education net.

Our therapeutic approach nurtures and supports pupils to find their talents and skills and give them the best opportunities for positive social, emotional and academic outcomes. We never exclude pupils, we never give up on them.

Create in the Community is a service that served as an alternative to residential settings. It is for neurodiverse pupils aged 11-19, with complex needs and trauma, with an Education Health and Care plan (EHCP) funded by their local authority.

This service works with pupils with the most complex and challenging needs from in and around London, offering an alternative to residential settings. We use a therapeutic education model and high staff ratios for high-risk pupils to build positive social, emotional and educational development for those who may have had difficulty progressing in schools in the past.

We have a skilled and experienced clinical team supporting therapy needs for every pupil from a universal programme to individualised sessions. This includes Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapists, and psychotherapies such as Art, Drama therapy, and clinical psychology.

Our social workers support a holistic approach to ensuring parents/carers have an understanding and strategies to continue support for their children at home.

The Create in the Community approach

We provide an intensive therapeutic model which supports young people with significant challenges including social, emotional, mental health (SEMH) autism, and associated conditions that can impact their ability to access education, including refusal to attend and exclusions. Traditional learning approaches have not worked for them to date - our service takes a holistic approach to providing solutions.

Pupils receive a differentiated curriculum to meet their individual needs. We provide a rigorous weekly training programme across the staff team to ensure everyone is trained to meet a more complex pupil group.

Parent feedback

"I mean they're brilliant... I don't know who I would be if I wasn't at that school... They played a massive part... they helped me find myself." - Pupil.

"This school has helped me and my son so much - endless support and positive vibes no matter how big or small my dilemma or question." - Parent.


Understanding and removing the barriers to a pupil's learning and ability to achieve their potential brings many benefits.

The benefits of TCES Create Learning include:

  • Improved attendance and reduced absence.

  • Empowered pupils, making links between thinking, feeling and behaviour to develop positive coping strategies.

  • Effective strategies to support positive relationships.

  • Development of leadership and life skills.

  • Academic and vocational successes.

  • Improved social skills, independence and mental wellbeing.

  • Step down opportunities to less intensive settings.

TCES Promise

We do not exclude pupils. We never give up!

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