The Forum School

Co-educational Residential Preparatory, Senior & Sixth Form

Shillingstone, Blandford Forum, Dorset, DT11 0QS

01258 860295

Head of School

Daniel Pitt

Age Range

7 – 19 years

Total Pupils


Special Needs


The Forum School is a 38-52 weeks school and home welcoming students of mixed gender aged 7 - 19 years with a primary diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, co-existing conditions, complex needs, challenging behaviour and learning difficulties.

Located in the glorious Dorset countryside with 28 acres of land for play and relaxation, the school boasts of many facilities such as a theatre, sports hall, indoor and outdoor riding areas, climbing wall, multiple safe play areas and a swimming pool.

Every effort is made to create a happy, family atmosphere in the home. Each young person has their own room and all have vanity units or en-suite bathrooms. Rugs and soft furnishings make each room comfortable and individualised.

We offer a home away from home, accommodating children and young people in both on-site and off-site homes. Every child or young person has a keyworker overseeing their care, welfare, safety and learning programmes.

Children and young people have full access to the National Curriculum with teaching appropriately differentiated to meet their needs. In addition, The Forum School draws upon a proven programme of specialist education and 24 hour care with a wide range of clinical and therapeutic inputs.

Multi-disciplinary teams and high staffing ratios ensure intensive individual support. In each class, six students benefit from the attentions of a teacher and at least two teaching assistants.

At The Forum School we offer a structured, broad, balanced 'waking-day' curriculum within a calm, consistent and purposeful environment.

We constantly review the curriculum to ensure that it fully meets the needs of all our students. We use a wide range of augmentative communication strategies throughout the waking day, including symbols, signs, photographs, objects and tailored communication systems to support both our verbally able and less verbal students.

Individualised plans are designed to meet specific needs and these plans form the basis of the three-way partnership between student, family/other relevant parties and staff.

Most students remain at the school on a full-time basis until the end of their studies. We support our students with the transition into their adult lives with the necessary skills and abilities to be happy individuals with a role in society.

Admission can take place at any time of the school year.