12th October 2017

Royal School for the Deaf Derby improves communications with parents, pupils and staff through Weduc

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Royal School for the Deaf Derby improves communications with parents, pupils and staff through Weduc Cover Photo

The Royal School for the Deaf, based in Derby, has adopted the whole-school communication system, Weduc, to help improve interaction and engagement between parents, staff and pupils.

The new software will enable the school to communicate better with parents as well as internally, ensuring consistent delivery of the same message to all involved with the school as well as allowing interactive, two-way dialogue. Weduc is a software product with a simple, attractive interface and clear graphics which enhances two-way communication and engagement between parents, teachers, and students via a mobile phone or other platform to a level that no other education product has done before. The system also allows individual and selected recipient communication where required.

The Royal School for the Deaf in Derby (RSDD) is a unique school for deaf children and young people aged 3-19 and has a strong ethos about the wellbeing and progression of its 120 pupils. The school selected Weduc for its ability to link with the school’s management information system, RM Integris, while at the same time bringing all communication methods into one ‘umbrella’ platform accessible via web browser and mobile app. Because the majority of the pupils’ parents as well as the students themselves are deaf, good visual communication, which Weduc offers, is vital.

School Administrator, Amanda Locke commented, “We had been struggling with disjointed methods of communication for some time, and decided there had to be a better and more consistent and accurate way than manually texting messages from a mobile phone whilst answering calls, sending out newsletters, and updating the school’s calendar and notices. “

She added, “Having multiple avenues of communication meant that parents sometimes missed important information and found it difficult to communicate back to the school, other than by phone which involved time-consuming passing on of messages to the right members of staff. With the Weduc application, we are now able to share information securely, quickly and easily with everyone simultaneously, or selectively to those who need to know. Weduc will help us reduce the cost, time and difficulty of reaching parents through a variety of methods and to involve more staff in communicating with parents interactively instead of just one-way.”

Jay Staniforth, Marketing Director, Weduc, said, “The school now has an effective method of liaising quickly and interactively with parents, staff and pupils. More and more schools and colleges of all types, not just in the UK but internationally, are adopting Weduc as their communications platform of choice due to its feature-rich but simple interface which makes interaction with a range of educational stakeholders quick, easy and effective.”