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The clinical and education teams at Outcomes First Group create vocational and educational programmes around the individual – all focused on achieving the best quality of life.

Outcomes First Group is a leader in the provision of outcomes-led learning, life skills, and therapeutic care for children and adults with autism, complex and social, emotional and mental health needs. We have a national network of special schools and therapeutic care homes through our Hillcrest and Options Autism divisions, working with the majority of commissioning authorities. We offer personalised education plans, vocational training, stable care settings and high quality clinical and therapeutic support from our in-house multidisciplinary clinical teams.

At Outcomes First Group we place the people we support at the centre of everything we do. Our schools provide a range of vocational programmes designed to help the people we support to build educational attainment, self-confidence and a lifelong interest in self-development. This person centred approach ensures that both the academic and pastoral needs of the children are met, which in turn has a positive impact on learning. The average attendance rate for SEN pupils during the academic year 2016/2017 was 90.3% in comparison to an attendance rate of 92.45% for schools across the Outcomes First Group. This is a reflection of the quality and engagement of the education service being offered.

Supported by our embedded clinical team, we use best practice alongside our own innovative and robust evidence based models to deliver exceptional outcomes for the people we support. Our integrated clinical approach recognises that all the people we support are individual and our provisions are tailored to meet their needs and wishes from the point of admission and throughout their placement with us.

The journey starts with a comprehensive assessment of our young people’s strength and weakness, across a wide range of areas, including: cognitive, academic, adaptive, behavioural, social, emotional, sensory and communicative domains. The output of this wide ranging assessment is the production of a comprehensive clinical report which then feeds into our Person Centred Planning (PCP) process.

At this point our integrated clinical approach uses information from the educational and residential services, to support the development of person centred quality of life goals for each individual. Quality of Life is our central focus, and in order to ensure we capture the many aspects of this, we have adopted the Kids Life Scale. Kids Life allows us to capture a wide array of domains important to ensuring our young people are thought about from their perspective in a comprehensive way, including: Emotional Wellbeing, Physical Wellbeing, Material Wellbeing, Rights, Self-Determination, Personal Development, Social Inclusion and Interpersonal Relationships.

Once we have formed appropriate goals within our Quality of Life Framework, which provides the basis for joint working across all of our services, our various interventions are planned and delivered via clinical care plans, residential consistent support tools, and educational learning intentions.

In order to monitor the effectiveness of our collective interventions, our quality of life goals are constructed in line with a Goal Attainment Scaling Process. This enables us to measure outcomes and ensure that both the clinical and education teams are working towards the same aims for the young people that we support.

Outcomes First Group currently have 98% of services rated Good, Outstanding or Fully Compliant with the respective registering body, compared to a national average of around 80%. As well as this we have been recognised by the Education Investor Awards – School Operator Private Schools Group, for the innovative way in which the Group’s in-house clinical team supports the education team in delivering shared goals.

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